Dear Class,

I hope you have learned from this semester as intensely as I would have hoped for you.
You need to continue your efforts during school to be independent-minded and to shape an architectural logic in your project definition, which starts from research and design tactics.
You have done considerable efforts, and this showed in the final presentation, where the jury was impressed with the general level of the class.
For those who were frustrated with the end product, this semester should be a foundation for how to approach a project, and how to develop your own methodology. this is a lifetime learning process.
Before you take off for summer, all of you are required to submit a Portfolio CD/DVD no later than this friday to Nagham. This is extremely urgent for your work to be included in the final year posters.
The grades will be released the same day.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


History of Adaptive Reuse
Group 1: Michelle Merchale- Ieva Saudargaite
Group 2: Hamzah Rida- Hussein Jaber
Typology of Adaptive Reuse
Group 1: Hussein Sbeity- Abed Hindawi
Group 2: Mohammad Jamal- Samer Zeiater
Reuse Materials and Environmental Building Systems:
Group 1: Emil Moawad-Vincent Fayad
Group 2: Johan Maksoud- Rashad
Responsive Skins/Second Skins/ Double Facades

Group 1: Namitta Merchak- William Abi Abdallah
Group 2: Elise Shebaya- Sabine Aoun
Digital Fabrication
Group 1: Tarek Ibrahim-Rayan Bou Hamdan
Group 2: Yanna Had


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