Dear Class,

I hope you have learned from this semester as intensely as I would have hoped for you.
You need to continue your efforts during school to be independent-minded and to shape an architectural logic in your project definition, which starts from research and design tactics.
You have done considerable efforts, and this showed in the final presentation, where the jury was impressed with the general level of the class.
For those who were frustrated with the end product, this semester should be a foundation for how to approach a project, and how to develop your own methodology. this is a lifetime learning process.
Before you take off for summer, all of you are required to submit a Portfolio CD/DVD no later than this friday to Nagham. This is extremely urgent for your work to be included in the final year posters.
The grades will be released the same day.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Distribution of tasks for site model

To help us out, and to not have the opportunity to blame anyone for not having the site model (1/500) done for Tuesday, I propose the delegation of tasks as follows:

1. One person accountable for acquiring accurate Topographical maps of the area
2. " " for Nahr Beirut
3. " " for the accurate topography of the mound on site (Dahr el Jamal)
4. " " for the topography of the site and its surroundings
5. " " for the main roads (road to Sin el Fil, roads bordering the river, bridge crossing the river etc)
6. " " for the secondary roads (smaller roads around the site)
7. " " for the buildings in the area (blank facades)
8. " " for the building on site (with perforated facade)
9. " " for the vegetation on site
10. " " for the vegetation off site
11. " " for the accurate placement of all free-standing structures (poles, trees etc)
12. " " for the accurate delineation of the railway tracks (use old maps, and current evidence on site, what was? what is still there?)
13. " " for the delineation of basketball courts (perhaps we could engrave them on the side model or provide for an engraved translucent paper that we could overlay on the site model)
14. " " for the cement walls and wire fences on and off site
15. " " for taking the laser appointment and overlooking the cutting of the pieces
16. " " for acquiring the materials needed for the site model (final bill divided amongst all, it should be about 1000/3000L.L)
17-20. 4 persons accountable for the assembly of the site model and its presence on Tuesday.

Sure, maybe not all the tasks may seem equally fair, but seeing that we are 20 in class, I tried to come up with 20 different ways to contribute.

For ACAD files, perhaps the best way to start to work on everything would be to use the map which we or someone will get from the Beirut/Sin el Fil municipality tomorrow (hence it will be made available to the class on Thursday). We will need to be as accurate as possible, so that everything fits. Suggestion: the people who will be working on overlapping/adjacent elements are advised to communicate, so that mistakes can be found early.

As soon as you see this, post a comment with your name and the task you want to do. Once you do this, nobody has the right to ask for the same task. The sooner you decide, the more freedom you will have. First come, first served basis.

If anyone disagrees with this, feel free to raise criticism. I hope this will help us be more organized, and not feel like anyone of us was obliged to do work for somebody else. The objective of this is to have all 20 positions filled by Thursday evening, so we can start to work on it and get it over with.

Good luck and sorry if you don't get what you want :(


  1. Oh, and when I mean accountable, I mean the file you will save will be one we will use for cutting.

  2. task #2

    But it has to be only one file we all use to cut.
    and we can't apply any major modifications in order for the model to be accurate...

    I could fix up the file by thursday in order for everyone to work on one set of lines...

  3. Exactly. Everyone should have the same file to use on Thursday. Bring your USBs!

  4. I will take the assembly part, that means number 17