Dear Class,

I hope you have learned from this semester as intensely as I would have hoped for you.
You need to continue your efforts during school to be independent-minded and to shape an architectural logic in your project definition, which starts from research and design tactics.
You have done considerable efforts, and this showed in the final presentation, where the jury was impressed with the general level of the class.
For those who were frustrated with the end product, this semester should be a foundation for how to approach a project, and how to develop your own methodology. this is a lifetime learning process.
Before you take off for summer, all of you are required to submit a Portfolio CD/DVD no later than this friday to Nagham. This is extremely urgent for your work to be included in the final year posters.
The grades will be released the same day.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Confluence Dynamic flow

Hello DR. plz can you explian what do u mean by confluence dynamic Flow? i asked some of the class mates and none knew what is the meaning? I am asking so that we will be able to work more in the right direction for tuesday. thank you salaf

Guys !

Hey guys.. Concerning the site model, we should specify the limits that we will be working on so that we can know where to stop..plzz

Beirut Green River Project

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Site Model

Hey guys i was responsible for the topography of the site and its surroundings but im having problems finding enough information or issuses about that!! Just a slope of 3% and the municipality is refusing to back me up with any information! So ill be changing my work to assemble the model unless anyone got connections and can help me find enough information to get my work done.
And if you guys can report your personal work! so we can work in parallel before tuesday!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Is this what u want for the research?

I want to check if it is a begging of mapping if this pictures shows the green areas ad the schools, universities, and factories that will be able to use part of my research center as their own experimental place that will help them to develope and have a higher standards. and by this way I will have a new definition to the public space within my research center; with new deffinition of reasearch center.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey guys, i heard that one of you got the height measurments of every building in our site from the municipality. Please let me know if u have it so that we can use it for the site model and be more accurate! thank you!

Hussein Sbeity

Site Analysis (1/2)

Previous Design

Site Analysis (Samer Zeaiter)

Research: Typology of Adaptive Reuse (Samer Zeaiter-Mohamad Jamal)

reaserch : hitory of adaptive reuse

by hamzah and hussein jaber

History of adaptive reuse

Hamza Rida & Hussein Jaber

Mohamad Jamal - Site

Site Inventory

Site Study


For those who are working on the parts for the site model, i need you to contact me before you finish up the parts, so i can tell shaker, so we can cut them on time!! plz don't leave it to the last second...
phone number: 70/936609